Where do I begin?

Talk with an NPS Global business consultant. As your partner, we will work together to determine which solution, platform and system best supports your business. Learning about your goals and listening to your needs is what makes us stand apart in the industry and kept our customer retention rates high.


I am already processing with another company. Why switch to NPS Global?

In short, cost savings and customer service. We’ll create a complimentary comprehensive analysis of your current processing costs. We’ll tell you up front if you’re receiving the best deal. Chances are we’ll be able to provide better value. In fact, we’re confident that when you examine our personalized analysis and experience our “true partnership” approach, you’ll want to join the NPS Global family.   

How do I navigate the transition to a new processor?

We’re with you every step of the way and do all the heavy lifting to navigate the conversion effectively, efficiently and seamlessly. If a new process is the best course of action, we’ll implement a tailored training program. On average, application to processing takes 3-7 days depending on individual business environments and needs. 

Is there an online portal to see my transactions?

YES! All account information, including transactions and statements, is available online. Most information typically needed as well as multiple merchant IDs are accessible through one convenient login.


Are gift cards available?

Absolutely! We offer many options to augment your marketing efforts. Please ask us how we can help you grow your business!

Why not just process through my bank?

Most banks have agreements to send businesses to a particular processor because banks are not the actual processors of credit card transactions. Banks get a portion of the fees, which usually means higher costs to you. In addition, banks do not provide customer service or technical support. 


NPS Global is compatible with every banking institution. We provide the technical solutions and customer service you deserve for your processing needs, and often at far more competitive rates.

What are your rates? 

NPS Global business consultants provide a complimentary cost analysis to determine what plan is most beneficial for your business. Rates vary depending on need. Interchange costs are not a secret.  Click here  for a sample.

What about free equipment offers?

We’ve learned if it sounds too good to be true, it is. “Free offers” from competitors usually mean you wind up paying another way.  We shoot straight. We provide affordably-priced systems that offer the best value for your business.

Do you work with high-risk merchants?

Absolutely, we work with all merchants, from low to high-risk eCommerce merchant accounts in almost any industry including:

  • CBD & hemp oil companies

  • Gambling

  • Adult entertainment

  • Nutraceuticals  

  • Vape/E-Cig s

  • Subscription boxes 

  • Firearms 

  • Dating sites

  • Pawn shops

  • Travel

  • Debt collections

Do you have merchant service programs for non-profits, churches, and other charitable organizations?

Yes. We provide a number of solutions for the non-profit sector. No matter the nature of the business or the organization, we’re ready to match the best fit of merchant services and credit card processing for you.


Will I be committed to a long-term contract with NPS Global?

We believe in earning your loyalty rather than requiring it! You may cancel your account for any reason with 60-days’ written notice BUT we’ll do everything within our power to ensure you want NPS GLOBAL SYSTEMS to be your processor for the long term. 

Our goal is to create a trusted, unique and long-lasting business relationship. We treat merchants, sales professionals, affiliates, municipalities, and employees as true partners in our quest to set the benchmark for ethical and responsible business practices in the processing industry.