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Our goal is to create a trusted, unique and long-lasting business relationship. We treat merchants, sales professionals, affiliates, municipalities, and employees as true partners in our quest to set the benchmark for ethical and responsible business practices in the processing industry.


Where do I begin?

Talk with an NPS Global business consultant. As your partner, we will work together to determine which solution, platform and system best supports your business. Learning about your goals and listening to your needs is what makes us stand apart in the industry and kept our customer retention rates high.


I am already processing with another company. Why switch to NPS Global?

In short, cost savings and customer service. We’ll create a complimentary comprehensive analysis of your current processing costs. We’ll tell you up front if you’re receiving the best deal. Chances are we’ll be able to provide better value. In fact, we’re confident that when you examine our personalized analysis and experience our “true partnership” approach, you’ll want to join the NPS Global family.   


Will I be committed to a long-term contract with NPS Global?

We believe in earning your loyalty rather than requiring it! You may cancel your account for any reason with 60-days’ written notice and we’ll do everything within our power to ensure you want NPS GLOBAL SYSTEMS to be your processor for the long term. 

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